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Developing Leadership Presence

(a One Day Group Learning Program)

Develop and project poise, polish and confidence to influence others.

Who Should Attend

High performing developing leaders seeking to move into higher levels of management. Appropriate titles include Second Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Director and other manager titles. Participants in company sponsored Leadership Development programs, Fast Track programs and individuals recently promoted into higher levels of leadership are also ideal candidates.

The Developing Leadership Presence Seminar is a one day interactive group learning experience designed for high performing, upwardly mobile leaders. Participants will gain insight on how to recognize and demonstrate leadership presence in a variety of situations and business settings. Videotaping is available as an additional interactive learning tool.


Topics include:

  • How to describe leadership presence and recognize it when you see it.

  • How to manage perceptions, first impressions and overcome unconscious biases.

  • How to develop poise, polish and demonstrate the external signs of presence.

  • How to manage and cultivate the inner state of presence.

  • How to stand out while fitting into your organization’s culture.

  • How to come across as senior vs. junior.


  • Understand why leadership presence is important in business and a critical contributor to career advancement.

  • Gain appreciation and the ability to recognize qualities of leadership presence in others and within your organizational context.

  • Learn how to develop, strengthen and project your own authentic leadership presence in ways appropriate to your organization’s expectations of senior leaders.

  • When done with a work group, this program provides a foundation for on-going peer support and coaching.

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