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Women in Leadership Coaching 

(an Executive Coaching Program)

Strategies and skill building to accelerate women’s advancement to executive levels 6 – 12 month Coaching Program

Participant Profile
Senior and developing women leaders moving into upper levels of management.

The Women in Leadership Coaching Program addresses unique challenges and issues impacting a woman’s upward mobility into strategic leadership roles.


Potential areas of focus include:

  • Understanding and leveraging gender-based role expectations, perceptions and communication patterns.

  • Recognizing self-limiting beliefs and behaviors including perfectionism and hyper self-criticism.

  • Learning to speak up, self-promote and ask for more.

  • Navigating organizational dynamics, politics and building strong networks.

  • Developing strategies for resilience and avoiding burnout.

  • Transitioning to strategic and big picture thinking from detailed operational focus.


  • Increase self-confidence and ability to project confidence to others.

  • Improve relationships with peers and subordinates.

  • Strengthen ability to be viewed as a strategic senior leader.

  • Acquire strategies and techniques for maintaining future career momentum.

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