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My coaching process focuses on developing a three-way relationship between the leader I’m coaching, the company sponsor, and myself. This integrated approach provides an effective feedback loop and creates a supportive atmosphere for learning and development.

Although each situation is unique, coaching assignments typically follow a predictable and repeatable set of steps:

  • Needs assessment via stakeholder interviews, review of existing 360s or other behavioral assessments, and/or administration of other assessment tools if appropriate

  • Preparation of a Coaching Plan identifying focus areas of development and measures of success based on results of the needs assessment

  • Coaching sessions conducted 1-2 times per month, either face-to-face, via video conference or by telephone.

  • Duration between 3-12 months, depending on program

  • Observation of leader in actual meetings or presentations, if feasible

  • Video-taping for instructional feedback for Executive Presence & Executive Presentation Skills assignments

  • Assignments/commitments between coaching sessions which include:

    • Implementing action items identified during coaching

    • Applying learnings to work situations

    • Following up on recommendations for supplementary learning materials such as articles, books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

  • Mid-point check-in with key stakeholders

  • Formal written progress review at conclusion of program, including 2nd round of stakeholder interviews and debriefing with key sponsors

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