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Vocal Power for Women

(a Half Day Group Learning Program)

Use your speaking voice to get noticed and be heard.

Who Should Attend

High performing developing and emerging women leaders seeking to move into upper levels of management. Appropriate titles include Second Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Director and other manager titles.  Participants in company sponsored Women’s Leadership Development and Fast Track Programs are also ideal candidates.


Vocal Power for Women is a half-day interactive group learning experience designed specifically for high performing women leaders. Participants will explore and learn strategies and techniques to overcome challenges common to women, which may include:

  • Remaining silent in meetings

  • Shying away from claiming the spotlight in presentations

  • Feeling ignored when sharing ideas, only to hear those same ideas subsequently endorsed when spoken by a male colleague

  • Stating facts in a way that sounds like a question

  • Not being heard at the opposite end of a conference room table


  • Learn how your inner voice influences the sound of your outer voice, and what to do about it

  • Increase your comfort and confidence in speaking up and presenting your ideas and opinions

  • Understand the relationship of language patterns and gender and how to avoid unintentionally diluting impact and influence

  • Learn basic principles and techniques of voice production to project your voice, command authority and instill confidence

  • When done with a work group, provides opportunity for on-going peer support and coaching

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