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Executive Presentation Coaching 

(an Executive Coaching Program)

Polish presentation content and delivery
3-12 month Coaching Program

Participant Profile
C-suite, senior and developing leaders seeking to polish their presentation skills for high profile speaking events and interactions.

The Executive Presentations Coaching Program helps leaders master techniques for effective speaking and presenting, as well as inner techniques to increase concentration and self-confidence.


Areas of focus may include:

  • Conceptual framing and providing context for messages.

  • Assessing audiences to identify stakeholders, determine key areas of interest and appropriate level of detail.

  • Explaining complex and technical material to non-technical audiences.

  • Strengthening use of voice including projection, pitch, tone, pace and inflection.

  • Increasing self-awareness of non-verbal communication.

  • Presenting material clearly and smoothly, transitioning, starting and ending strongly.

  • Applying various mental discipline techniques to show passion, commitment, overcome anxiety and calm nerves.


  • Develop and deliver clearly spoken messages.

  • Come across as polished, comfortable and authentic.

  • Handle difficult issues during Q&A.

  • Come away with techniques for preparing, practicing and improving future presentations.

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