Vocal Power Learning Activity

April 13, 2011

You may do this activity either by yourself, or with a partner. Use these questions to increase your awareness of your level of vocal power.  Observe yourself everyday for a week and take notes or journal on what you notice each time.  At the end of week, review your notes and see what patterns emerge. Find a partner to do this activity with you, and discuss your findings with each other.  Then, develop an action plan to address any areas that come up in order to strengthen your vocal power.  Good luck!


  1. In what situations do I speak up? What contributes to that?

  2. In what situations do I remain silent? What contributes to that?

  3. When I do speak up, what type of language do I use? (e.g. questions, statements, requests?)

  4. How does that vary by situation?

  5. How does my voice sound in these various situations?

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