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Time Together

“There’s a time for us, some day a time for us, time together with time to spare, time to learn, time to care, some day!”— Stephen SondheimLast week, as I waited in the lobby of a coaching client’s office building,I noticed this announcement scrolling across the company’s LCD internal news monitor:

“Stress Reduction for the Holidays”

Suddenly, I was brought back to my days as a corporate leader. Just like you, juggling significant professional and personal responsibilities, I could have used that Lunch and Learn back then. However, frequently sleep deprived and always time deprived, finding time for lunch, let alone to learn, was a challenge on most days. More than anything, I longed for more time. I hoped that I’d have it, some day!

Ironically, though I do have more time and flexibility in my life now, I’ve begun to notice that time seems to go by faster then it used to. I know, you’re thinking it’s a sure sign of aging. Well, that’s okay. Time may seem to go by faster, but I’ve learned to appreciate it now more than ever before. I hope you do, too.

During the holidays and all through the year:

May you take time to pause and quiet your busy mind. May you take time to breathe and connect with your body. May you take time to feel gratitude for all the blessings in your life. May you take time together with those you love.

With gratitude and appreciation for our time together, Adrienne

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